The Media Lab at the City College of New York was founded in 2008, and Dr. YingLi Tian was appointed as the lab director. Our research group is dedicated to both fundamental and applied research in the areas of computer vision, image/video processing, multimedia, multi-sensor fusion, human-computer interaction, and remote sensing.

Our research topics include:


  • Automatic Target Detection and Recognition by Hyperspectral Imagery:

Automatic target detection, tracking, and recognition in multispectral/hyperspectral imagery is a challenging problem and involves several technologies such as optical sensor design, signal/image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision algorithms. There are many applications of civil and military applications include surveillance of ground, ocean, air and space. In this project, we will also investigate how to extract reliable information from various sensing situations and design cost-effective sensors.

  • Intelligent Video Activity Analysis:

There are large amount data of events and activities for intelligent video surveillance. The research will exploit the composite event detection, association mining, pattern discovery and unusual pattern detection by using data mining.

  • Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Challenge Environments:

There are many research about moving object detection and tracking. It is hard to achieve satisfied results in challenge environments such as in crowed, with lighting changes, or in bad weather. Our research will focus on propose more robust and efficient algorithms for video understanding.

  • Facial Expression Analysis in Naturalistic Environments:

The research of facial expression analysis in naturalistic environments will have significant impact across a range of theoretical and applied topics. Real-life facial expression analysis must handle head motion (both in-plane and out-of-plane), occlusion, lighting change, low intensity expressions, low resolution input images, absence of a neutral face for comparison , and facial actions due to speech.